CMP Students have a Blast at Maryland Mathalon

The Maryland Mathalon is a statewide middle school mathematics event. All middle schools in Maryland were invited to send teams of four students to the event. At this year’s tournament, about 50 teams competed from middle school programs across the state. Some, including the Chesapeake Math Program, had two teams participate.

The 2014 Mathalon took place on Saturday, November 1. It consisted of three rounds: individual, team, and invention. The individual and team rounds were written exams done by individuals and teams respectively. For the invention round, teams of four students were selected randomly so they came from different schools, which meant they often didn’t know each other. Each team chose one of five ‘inventions’ and had 20 minutes to design and build their invention using only the materials provided.

Second place team overall, 2014 Maryland Mathalon

Chesapeake Math Program

Mira Subramanian (captain), Thomas Luo, Eva Quittman, Julia Yang

The first place team was Takoma Park Middle School and third place went to Roberto Clemente Middle School.

Chesapeake students who received individual awards

Sixth place: Thomas Luo

From L to R: Thomas Luo, Eva Quittman, Julia Yang, Mira Subramanian.

From L to R: Thomas Luo, Eva Quittman, Julia Yang, Mira Subramanian.

Eighth place: Eva Quittman

Fourteenth place: Mira Subramanian

Sixteenth place: Julia Yang

Kevin Qian, who competed with Takoma Park, is also a member of the Chesapeake Math Program on our team for the Princeton Math Contest.

Second place: Kevin Qian

Invention ribbon winners from CMP

First place invention team, The Slow Slider: Tom Luo, Maize Booker, Peter Robert

First place invention team, Swinging Time: Olivia Merryman

Third place invention team, Swinging Time: Julia Yang

Fourth place invention team, High Flying: Mira Subramanian

Fifth place invention team, What A Haul: Eva Quittman

Coaches: Catherine Asaro and Justina Yang