Results of the AMC-8

I’m pleased to announce the results of the AMC-8 for the Chesapeake Math Program.

General info: More than 114,000 students took AMC-8 this year. The average score for the country was 11 points. The average score for students in the Chesapeake Math Program was 14+ points.

Perfect score: 25/25. This is the highest honor on the AMC-8: Only 178 students received 25
Distinguished Honor Roll: Students in the top 1%.
Honor Roll: Students who scored in the top 2-5%, which was 19 and above.
Merit Achievement Roll: Students in 6th grade or below who did exceptionally well, placing in the top 15% of all students taking the test.
School Honor Roll: Schools in the top 1%, based on the scores of their top students
School Merit Roll: Schools in the top 2%-5% based on the scores of their top students

Note: CMP-GT refers to students at brick and mortar schools who participate in one or more teams with the Chesapeake Math Program or take classes through our gifted and talented program. Chesapeake Homeschoolers refers to GT homeschool students in the Chesapeake Math Program.


Kevin Qian, 25 points, Takoma Park MS and CMP-GT, 8th grade


Kevin Qian, 25 points, Takoma Park MS and CMP-GT, 8th grade
Daniel Yuan, 24 points, Glenarden Woods ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Uma Phatak, 23 points, Patapsco Middle School, 8th grade
Eva Quittman, 23 points, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Julia Yang, 23 points, Yang Academy and CMP-GT, 8th grade

SCHOOL HONOR ROLL: Top 1% of all schools

In Maryland, five schools placed on the honor roll:
Roberto Clemente MS (75 points)
Takoma Park MS (75 points)
Montgomery College (72 points)
Old Cedar Lane School/Howard County GT Program (71 points)
UMBC/Chesapeake Math Program (70 points).

NATIONAL HONOR ROLL, Top 2-5% of all students

Michelle Kim, 22 points, College Park Academy and CMP-GT, 8th grade
Tom Luo, 21 points, Burleigh Manor MS (Old Cedar Lane) and CMP-GT, 8th grade
Sean Power, 21 Points, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Mira Subramanian, 20 points, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grade
Jeffrey Tong, 20 points, Pointers Run ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Jerry Xiong, 20 points, Folly Quarter MS (Old Cedar Lane) and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Tyler Yup, 20 points, Parkville MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Caitlyn Gardiner, 19 points, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade


For younger students who performed exceptionally well.

Daniel Yuan, Glenarden Woods ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Sean Power, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Jeffrey Tong, Pointers Run ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Jerry Xiong,  Folly Quarter MS (Old Cedar Lane) and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Tyler Yup, Parkville MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Andrew Chen, Lime Kiln MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade


Students in the top 6-10% of all students taking the test

Jonathan Odim, 18 points, Takoma Park MS, 8th grade
Marie Broadsky, 18 points, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Alison Qiu, 17 points, Pine Grove MS and CMP-GT, 8th grade
Southmith Gadilla, 17 points, Robert Frost MS and CMP-GT, 8th grade

Top 11-15%

Mindy Faith Burton, Eastern MS and CMP-GT, 8th grade
Ari Riggins, CMP-GT, 8th grade
Andrew Chen, Lime Kiln MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade

Top 16-25%

Maize Booker, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Sirui (Iris) Xue, Potomac ES, CMP-GT, 5th grade
Faith Cheung, Hoover MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Olivia Merryman, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade

Additional national high scorers

Matthew Casertano, Cold Spring ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Mihir Gupta, Cedar Grove ES and CMP-GT, 5th grade
Walter Heiser, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Peter Roberts, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Fatima Younis, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grade
Keishaun Thompson, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grade
Kayla Yup, Parkville MS and CMP-GT, 6th grade
Noah Zuckman, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade

CMP: Notable Achievement, 4th–5th grade

Alex Wald, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 4th grade
Patrick Gardiner, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Usim Emmanuel Odim, Cold Spring ES, 5th grade
Megan Lovar, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Grant Miller, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Malachi Booker, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 4th grade

Chesapeake Homeschoolers, Notable Achievement

Garrett Miller, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Patrick Gardiner, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 5th grade
Alex Wald, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 4th grade
Hamzah Yousef, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grade
Immanuel Blake, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grade
Asmaa Younis, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Joseph Kurek, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Maura Cusik, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 7th grade
Safiyya Philip, Chesapeake Homeschoolers, 8th grad