USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)

The Chesapeake Math Program (CMP) is pleased to announce that several students who have participated in our programs qualified for the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) in 2015. The USAMO is the culmination of one of the most rigorous academic competitions in the United States. In the 2015 academic year, about 186,400 students participated in the American Math Competitions for twelfth grade (AMC-12) and tenth grade (AMC-10) combined, across two administrations. The top 2.5% AMC-10 scorers and top 5% AMC-12 scorers were invited to the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME I and II), for a total of 7789 students across two dates. Of those students, 286 qualified for the senior USAMO and 244 for the junior USAMO. The Olympiads are 9 hour proof-based test over two days, April 28 and 29, 2015.



Erik Metz

The senior USAMO is among the most demanding math competitions in the world. It serves as part of the selection process for the USA team to the International Mathematics Olympiad, the “Olympics” of mathematics. It is designed for students in grades 12 and below, and is taken primarily by older students. Top scorers are invited to the Olympiad summer program, which culminates in the selection of the United States team for the IMO.

Congratulations to ERIK METZ, a junior at Centennial High School in Columbia, who was one of only eleven Maryland students who qualified for the senior Olympiad.



The junior USAMO is for students in grade 10 and below. It serves to recognize top math students in lower grades and encourage them to continue to the senior level. Top scorers are invited to the Olympiad summer program for younger students.

The seven Maryland students who qualified for USAJMO included three Chesapeake participants. Congratulations on their fine showing to:

Siang Tseng (grade 10) of Centennial High School
Jason Lee (grade 8) of Roberto Clemente Middle School
Kevin Qian (grade 8) of Takoma Park Middle School