Perennial Math Tournament in Alabama

I’m pleased to report the results of the Perennial Problem Solving Contest in Birmingham, Alabama for grades 3-8. The Chesapeake Math Program sent two teams of five students each. The following are our results (names in teams in alphabetical order)


L to R: Jeffrey Tong, Teresa Thoundayil, Daniel Yuan, Peter Roberts, Matthew Casertano, Coach Catherine Asaro, Faith Cheung, Maize Booker, Emmanuel Odim, Jerry Xiong, Andrew Qian. Picture courtesy of Sharon Casertano.

FIRST PLACE TEAM, Top Division (8th grade), Perfect score
Chesapeake Math program A1

Daniel Yuan, 6th grade, Greenbelt Middle School
Jeffrey Tong, 6th grade, Clarkesville Middle School
Matthew Casertano, 6th grade, Takoma Park Middle School
Peter Roberts, 8th grade, Homeschool
Teresa Thoundayil, 8th grade, St. Pius X Regional School

THIRD PLACE TEAM, Top Division (8th grade)
Chesapeake Math program A2

Andrew Qian, 8th grade, Lime Kiln Middle School
Emmanuel Odim, 6th grade, Takoma Park Middle School
Faith Cheung, 7th grade, Hoover Middle School
Jerry Xiong, 7th grade, Folly Quarter Middle School
Maize Booker, 7th grade, Homeschool

Winners, Overall Individual, Eighth Grade
Second Place: Teresa Thoundayil, St. Pius X Regional School
Third Place: Andrew Qian, Lime Kiln Middle School
Fourth Place: Peter Roberts, Homeschool

Winners, Overall Individual, Seventh Grade
First Place: Jerry Xiong (tie), Folly Quarter Middle School

Winners, Overall Individual, Sixth Grade
First Place, with a perfect score: Jeffrey Tong
Second Place: Matthew Casertano

Parent Contest
Parent’s took the 6th grade test for fun while graders were scoring student tests
First Place, with a perfect score: Michael Roberts. Yay Mr. Roberts!!! 😀

We went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville after the competition to see the Science Fiction Exhibit, which was awesome. We also saw a Saturn V rocket, a space shuttle, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Afterward, we went to a Halloween party sponsored by the Space Center. Then we got caught in the pouring down rain trying to reach the car. Much wetness and running later, we were in the cars and headed back to the hotel, where we had a Halloween party with candy and gaming (since it was raining too much to trick-or-treat).

Congratulations to our mathletes for a job well done!

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