Dr. Catherine Asaro: Program Director, Math, Physics, Chemistry
Mr. Kevin Huang: Physics, Olympiad Training

Mr. Siang (Arthur) Tseng, AIME class & advanced High School Problem Solving (bio to come)
Mr. Thomas Luo, AIME class & advanced High School Problem Solving (bio to come)
Mr. Dilhan Salgado, Mathcounts (bio to come)
Mr. Pratik Rathore, Mathcounts (bio to come)
Ms. Nadine Meister, Mathcounts (bio to come)
Mr. Shushanth Gunukula, Mathcounts (bio to come)
Mr. Davin Park, Mathcounts (bio to come)
Ms. Hannah Kim, Mathcounts (bio to come)

Catherine Asaro
Catherine Asaro received her Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Harvard University and wrote her doctorate in Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics. She currently directs the Chesapeake Math Program, which serves students in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. She teaches math, physics, and chemistry at a high school and college level, and coaches competitive teams, including top-ranked students in national and international contests such as the USA Mathematical Olympiad and the American Regional Mathematics League.

Asaro has also appeared as a speaker or visiting professor for various institutions, including Harvard, the DASAR program sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program, the New Zealand National ConText Writer’s program, the University of Maryland, the US Naval Academy, and as a Guest of Honor at various science fiction conventions such as the National Science Fiction Convention of Denmark and the National Science Fiction Convention of New Zealand. Asaro is a member of SIGMA, a think tank of speculative writers and scientists who advise the government as to future trends affecting national security.

For the past twenty years, Catherine has also worked as a novelist, with over twenty-six books in science fiction, fantasy, and near future thrillers, as well as numerous works of shorter fiction and non-fiction. She was elected to two terms as president of the board of directors for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and is the president and founder of Starflight Music. She is a two-time winner of the Nebula® Award, sometimes known as the “Oscar of Science Fiction,” for her novel, The Quantum Rose and her novella “The Spacetime Pool,” and her work has won numerous other awards. She also appears as a vocalist in the US and abroad, and danced for about 35 years in ballet and jazz.

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Kevin Huang

picture-kevin-huangKevin S. Huang is a senior at Centennial High School and visiting student at Johns Hopkins University with strong research interests in physics. He has self-studied physics since 8th grade, passing both AP Physics C exams with 5 and SAT Physics with 800. As a two-time silver medalist of the USA Physics Olympiad, Kevin is ranked among the top 100 physics students in the nation.

Last year, he conducted research in the Department of Physics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, studying the theoretical conditions to perform joint measurements in quantum dot systems. His project won the 2016 Grand Prize in Physical Science at the Baltimore Science Fair, an all-expenses paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Phoenix, AZ), and a full college scholarship from Towson University. Kevin was also nominated as an Associate Member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. In February 2016, he was officially invited to join the Department of Physics at Johns Hopkins University. Kevin has since been working on a theoretical project analyzing topological defects in ferromagnets, with an expected publication in the fall.

Kevin co-founded the Howard County Chinese School Physics Program last year where he volunteers his time to help students succeed in physics exams. Kevin taught the Olympiad Physics class and served as a teaching assistant for the AP Physics classes. This year, he is continuing his teaching with AP Physics C. He has kept tutoring activities active in school and the community. In his spare time, Kevin is a dedicated pianist, having performed at many prestigious venues in the US and abroad as well as at numerous hospitals, senior centers, universities, and government institutions. He enjoys reading, traveling, photography, playing chess, table tennis, and attending concerts, ballets, and operas.









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  1. Hi Catherine,

    I am interested in the program. I tried to contact you via e-mail, but not sure if my e-mail went through or ended up in spam. Could you please get back to me with more information?

    Thank you!

  2. Post
    1. Catherine, my son is in 8th grade in Howard County, MD and I’m interested in learning more about the program as well. Classes, competitions, etc.

  3. Hi Catherine,

    I emailed you on Sunday, but not sure if you received it or it may ended up in the junk mailbox. Could you give me some information about the program? I have a 4th grader. Thank you.

  4. HI Catherine,
    I see your 6-7 year old club is on break. I would be interested in helping if there is enough interest. My son is 6 and I would love for him to get involved in a math club. We homeschool so we could do it in the afternoons.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  5. Hi Catherine,

    I am interested in my son (12 years old) participating in the program. I tried to contact you via e-mail, but not sure if my e-mail went through or ended up in spam. Could you please get back to me with more information?

    Thank you!

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